Janine Piguet has just finished acting the main part of Bibi in Old Boys, Jean- François Amiguet’s latest feature film (la méridienne, l’écrivain public, au sud des nuages,…). Recently nominated for the swiss film award 2019 for the film Bacha Posh, (for best producer), she is currently working in different european countries in english, french, italian, german and swiss german as an actress.

Janine only opens her luggage to take summerdresses out and put walking shoes in. She trades a plane for a train, a train for a bicycle, a bicycle for a rowing boat … She knows train agents as well as her neighbours and airport halls as thourougly as her garden.
She travelled so much being a tropical biologist and an actress, that she feels home in the funniest places, even those without electricity or running water.
She has favourite cafés all over the world for coffee or white earl grey where she loves to write and to dream. Earth is her home.

In love with stories and keen to tell them, she yearns to act in movies all over the world, in many different langages. For the parts she acts, she is happy to take up challenges like singing, dancing, playing the piano, learning romanian, fighting and many more (just come up with them !).

She likes long walks in nature and going through towns. Jazz and opera, but mainly shootings on the other side of the globe where she can get with a rowboat or a bicycle, a bicycle or a train, a train or a plane… as long as she travels, everything’s good.

Janine trained at ‘Les Enfants Terribles’ in Paris, and with the prestigious European ACT (Actors Centre & RADA – London; Stadt Theater Mitte – Berlin; Comédie Française – Paris). Her career began on stage in Paris before getting hired in the french film FLA « semaine de la critique, Cannes 2014 » that opened a door to different film projects in France (Faeryland), Germany (the interphone), Switzerland (Old boys and Fortissimo) and England (I-Art), mostly as a lead actress.

In 2019, she acts in different films as a lead ; in Old boys, she is a cheeky barmaid, trying to find out who is her father, in “The interphone” (T.Pradervand, German), she is a jazz singer, in “Fortissimo” (J. Piguet, french), a crazy pianist in “I-Art” by Alex dos Santos, she plays a mother who has just lost her daughter (english).  She is also often working on stage as an actress in France and Switzerland

On the writing side, she has been developping the treatment of a feature with Francis Reusser, a swiss director (Derborence).

She is also trained in Singing (opera and Jazz) and piano (semi-professional level)
She has a Masters in biology and worked as a tropical biologist in rain forests before she became an actor.

Two years ago, she has created the film production society Inred production and produced eight short films by different directors, with state fundings. She has chosen to produce them because of their social background and their unique point of view on society today.
Janine Piguet has been nominated for the Swiss cinema Award 2019 as a producer of Bacha Posh, a film telling the story of an afghan girl raised as a boy in a refugee camp in Calais. Janine has produced this film because she thought it was giving an insight into an afghan tradition. The film, shot in the refugee camp of Calais two weeks before its destruction, shows the last real images of the camp. Janine also acted a small part in it.

2019 : Nomininated at Swiss cinema Award for Bacha Posh (producer)
2016-2017 : Jusqu’aux étoiles (director and actress), Best actress aux actors awards LA, Noida honourable mention, Indian Ciné Festival Special Mention, Global shorts Award of Merit
2017 : Faeryland, Médor of the best animal film
2015 : third award for the pitch of Frictions as a scriptwriter (Beaumarchais award at Festival de Cannes 2014)

Download the resume.

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Features and medium length films before 2017

CLORA, S. Blechmans and D. Carrénard, medium length
SEU DILEMA, S. Blechmans, part of Elena, Donoma Guerilla
CODE 21-012, Max Buhler, main, INRED production, medium length
FLA, D.Carrénard and Salomé B., woman with the cigar, Donoma Guerilla prod semaine de la critique Cannes 2014
LE RETOUR, Daniel Torrisi, journées de Soleure, medium length
MONSIEUR GAMAGE, Srinath Samarasinghe, the social worker

Short movies before 2017

UN JOUR NOUVEAU, Ruben Pereira, main
, Thierry Pradervand, main, INRED production
LE MARIAGE DE LEA, Yannick Ramon, main, Lazy prod
BEAUMARCHAIS, 95 Djinn Carrénard, the shop assistant (main)
LA BELLE ET LE VERTIGE, Maxime Hermet, beauty
SEULE, J. Piguet, Y. Ramon, Tübingen fest, main
MY LOVE, Salem Kali, main
UNE IDEE DE FILM, Farid Ismail, main
LE CITRON VERT, P. Hadjaj, Tübingen fest, main, Télé Bocal
WEBCAM STORY, A. Jean, J.Piguet short film corner, main
FOLLOW THE STAR, J. Couturier primé au 48h film fest, main
ETRANGE IMPRESSION, B. Amice, Osnabrück Fest, the secretary


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Before 2017

PREDICTION, by F.Basilio, dir. B. Lousse, Théâtre des deux rêves, Betty (main
CARROUSEL, R. Leeman, espace des Champs Elysées (main)
MELICERTE, by Molière, dir. Veronique Seltz, TNO, Paris,
NI IDOLES, NI ETOILES, by B. Durocher, dir. Patrick Hadjaj, Satan (main)
THE LITTLE PRINCE, A.Roberts, Londron & UK, 200 shows
THE IMAGINARY INVALID, by Molière, dir. Fabrice Eberhard, théâtre de Perpignan, CDI Deauville, Béline (main)
LA JALOUSIE DU BARBOUILLE, F. Eberhard festival de Collioure, Angélique (main)
LE MARIAGE FORCE, Fabrice Eberhard, théâtre de Perpignan, beauty goddess and egyptian girl, songs
L’AMOUR MEDECIN, Fabrice Eberhard, festival de Villandraut, doctor and songs
BONDAGERS, Maxime Leroux, Sue Glover, théâtre des Enfants terribles, Paris, Maggie (main)
SONGE D’UNE NUIT D’ETE, (Puck) Nicolas Moreau, Théâtre des Enfants Terribles, Paris
GEO & CLAUDIE, (Claudie) Maxime Leroux, Théâtre des Enfants Terribles, Paris
LE PERE ANTILLE, François Landolt, Th du Passage, Octogone, Suisse, story teller


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